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Curious minds, New Delhi - Raag Bageshri, Jayat, Sohoni & Kafi Tappa, Accompanied on tabla by Shri Hemant Joshi, and Sarangi by Shri Ikram Kalawant.

Play the glimpse from Court Music - JODHPUR - MARWAR

Musician's guild, Mumbai - Raga Hansdhwani- Taal-Roopak and Teental, Tabla accompaniment by Shri Vishal Nagar.

Play the glimpse of Khamaj thumari from Musician's guild, Mumbai



Narrowcasters India - An audio tour specially arranged for Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur and Narrowcasters India.


You can hear this audio at narrowcasters website under the title "Mehrangarh Fort, India", Please click on following link and scroll down to the title "Mehrangarh Fort, India".
Mehrangarh Fort - Audio


The devine Romance  

The Divine Romance - Raga Bageshri and Shree.

Play the glimpse of Bageshri From The Divine Romance.

About My Music


Deepak's power-packed performances are known to blend the everlasting traditional compositions and the intricate contemporary improvisations with absolute command on both Sur & Taal, creating a touchy, serene but solid musical impact on all strata of the audience.

His renditions are enriched with tuneful intricate glides and melodic phrases blended with various staccato patterns and are known for the esthetically melodious meends and gamak, traditional compositions and superb command over the instrument



Under the name “Classicstrings” Deepak has composed music on various themes and performs Fusion colaboration with the leading artistes of India and western musicians occasionally for the corporate and Government shows.

Some of the themes are:-

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