He was all of 4 years old, when Deepak gave his first recital of Classical music. It was the beginning of yet another glorious and promising chapter in the history of Indian classical music. Taught by his grandfather Pt. B.N.kshirsagar, a versatile vocalist of Gwalior gharana, Deepak was born to the illustrious Kshirsagar lineage. Today he shoulders the fourth generation inheritance of this legendary lineage.

The intense and rigorous training under the able wings of his guru Pt B.N. kshirsagar and Pt. Sateesh Khanwalkar, he emerged as the most brilliant guitarist of the present generation. The highly innovative and restless mind of Deepak made him freshly resume his musical approach to bring about many changes in the playing techniques of his instrument, eventually helping him to flower in his own style and carving a space out for himself in the Indian Classical music arena.

An 'A' graded artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan, Deepak has been honored with various National and State awards and his concerts have won critical acclaim across the length and breadth of the country. The performances are consummation of years of rigorous application and expert training. The fusion of body with mind makes each rendering truly world class.


Latest Music

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Raga Yaman - Rupak
Raga Yaman - Jhala
Water theme - fusion
Raga Durga - gat in madhya laya trital (16 beats)


Superlative Aalap , the feeling of Raag durga has been brought right and very melodious hand... Thanks for the wonderful piece. ....
Beautiful Gavati raag!!! I enjoyed it very much. You bring out the Raaga svaroop very clearly with purity of sound. Thanks a lot!!!
DKM Kartha

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